An Honest to Goodness VenVici Review – Is It A Scam?

Over the years, VenVici has been called many things, including being labeled a ‘scam’ and operating within murky MLM waters.

But in reality, VenVici’s business model is so unique that it’s misunderstood by dismissive individuals who don’t know what the company is all about.

It’s human nature, really. If a person doesn’t give a product, business or service much thought, they’d take the easy route and slap on a label that it’s a scam.

More perceptive, intelligent people will dig a bit further before laying down their thoughts.

And so we dive into what VenVici is all about and how it operates.

Affiliate Incentivised Marketing

VenVici’s business model can be summed up in three words- Affiliate Incentivised Marketing.

In short, it’s a combination of everything that’s good about Incentive Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

We know how Affiliate Marketing works- advertising dollars are given to ‘affiliates’ depending on how they performed, e.g., sign-ups and sales.

VenVici does the same thing by rewarding its hardworking affiliates and encouraging them to use the app, participate and refer products to people they know. Along with Incentivised Marketing, VenVici works out an engaging reward and prize platform to get new people to try their products and services.

This kind of forward-thinking innovation is so rare that people can easily misunderstand its workings.

Honestly, if VenVici was a scam then it wouldn’t have lived so long and have so many satisfied participants. Moreover, it wouldn’t have survived in Singapore, a country that’s known for its strict policies and regulations.

At the heart of the company lies a non-linear and strategic leadership that’s also confused for something else.

VenVici – Working For More Than Just Profit?

VenVici’s Affiliate Incentivised Marketing is just one of the good parts we’ve noticed about the company. As it turns out, they’re committed to empowering the entrepreneurial community as well.

Over the years, Singapore-based Ven Vici has organized many workshops, seminars and events in and around the region of Southeast Asia.

This clearly shows that the organization isn’t just looking out for itself or its members. Invigorating the local and regional entrepreneurial spirit is for the good of the many instead of the few.

VenVici clearly believes that its success depends on the success of the entrepreneurial community as a whole, not just for themselves but for the economy as well.

Then, on June 20, 2019 the company announced they will be bringing world-class trainers and speakers into the fray as part of their educational event and awareness programs.

VenVici is really pulling out all the stops so they can educate, inspire and empower those who want to be free of their personal financial shackles using proven business, marketing and sales knowledge. With that initiative, the company hopes to provide aspiring individuals the necessary tools and skills to succeed and gain a competitive advantage.

We found that VenVici looks to gather the best of the best and create what will be known as the largest ‘Mastermind’ organization in Asia.

Does the Mastermind concept sound familiar? It should be. After all, it’s in a renowned book written by Napoleon Hill, ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

In the book, Hill explains that the Mastermind principle is the collaborative effort and pooling of knowledge among two or more individuals who work towards the same end goal and mutual benefit.

What people may not know is that the principle is actually more powerful and effective when the group is driven. Each of the individual’s strengths, knowledge and skill amplify the efforts of the whole, cutting down obstacles regardless of scale.

VenVici has even modified the Mastermind principle by fusing the best of both worlds- the West and East meet up and create an alliance that could meet and overcome challenges in the modern business industry.

All members will then transcend local limits and become exposed to ideas from the best business minds all over the globe.

In July 2019, the Fusion Mastermind group has had their first-ever meeting, attended by more than a thousand entrepreneurs. There, they worked on singular solutions regarding the most pressing business developmental challenges.

Need more information about the Fusion Business Mastermind concept? Check out this link –

The Necessary Steps To Move Aspiring Entrepreneurs Forward

What VenVici does is impressive because not all companies have such a vested interest in seeing their entrepreneurs and members succeed.

VenVici is set to open the floodgates with specialized training events and business seminars that feature international figures while simultaneously opening up their lucrative crowdsourcing and lead generation platform to its members.

The new program is available for event attendees and graduates who want to test-drive their skills and make money from the things and ideas they acquired in VenVici.

The CPA, or Cost Per Action platform offers members rewards and commissions for outstanding marketing efforts and encouraging a lead to complete a desirable action.

These ‘desirable’ actions include requesting a sample, getting a quote or filling up an online form. These are necessary skills that every self-respecting entrepreneur must hone if they want to improve their chances of making it big.

CPA platforms are often tagged as MLM, but they’re used by multinational companies for promotion and marketing purposes.

More importantly, it’s an invaluable skill that makes new and aspiring entrepreneurs get their bearings quickly and get off on the right foot.


After a good deal of fact-finding, research and uncovering evidence, we can safely say that the allegations surrounding VenVici and its business model are untrue. The ‘scam’ tag is a myth because VenVici is actually very legit.

In retrospect, the company’s business model is respectable and truly innovative. Its commitment to developing the region’s entrepreneurs stands as a testimony that VenVici isn’t only thinking about making a profit, but rather aims to empower everyone who’s interested under the Mastermind program.

Moving forward, we believe that some of the greatest business minds will emerge from VenVici and affect the world in a positive, groundbreaking manner. These entrepreneurs will start out in regional environments and will quickly make their way across the globe.